Radiology Technicians specialised in CT, MRI or angio

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Position: Radiology Technician
Position type: full time
Tasks: The Radiology unit is fully digitised and includes 20 examination rooms, comprising bucky unit rooms, a radioscopy room, a mammography room, 5 ultrasound rooms, a colour duplex ultrasound room, 2 angio rooms including one specifically for neuro interventions, 2 multislice CTs, 3 MRI scanners (1, 1.5 and 3 Tesla) and dexa scan equipment. The unit trains junior doctors as radiologists. It also trains radiology technicians. The unit also works closely with the Gamma Knife centre.
Expectations: Technicians will work across all specialised and non-specialised examination rooms. They will work in A&E, general operating rooms and nursing units. They will have the opportunity to work at the Gamma Knife centre. Technicians will guide and train students following the joint training course, as well as interns training in medical imaging and radiation therapy techniques. Shifts will vary and will include evenings, nights and weekends.
Advantages: The ideal candidate will be an ambitious medical professional with an innovative mindset, excellent social skills and a patient-focused attitude.
Professional Experience:
Graduate level: Qualified Radiology Technician
Language skills: English
Country / Region: Netherlands,

Radiology Technicians profile

What we’re looking for

  • evidence of qualification either as a radiology technician or in medical imaging and radiation therapy techniques, with on-the-job training or an in-service diploma

  • relevant work experience

  • ability to work independently, be alert and take responsibility

  • good social and communicative skills

  • a working style that fits with the EZ hospital's core competencies patient and customer focus, high standards, integrity, teamwork and dedication

What we're offering

Salary in line with the healthcare payscale of 50, which translates (depending on qualifications and experience) into a maximum gross monthly salary of €3,153 on a full-time basis. The contract is open-ended. The radiology department recently underwent a total renovation and is a dynamic and pleasant place to work. Other terms of the position are in line with the collective labour agreement for hospitals.

How to apply

If you fulfil our requirements and are keen to gain well-paid experience in a Western European hospital, upload a detailed CV in our website and click on the APPLY button.

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